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“A young woman discovers her supernatural powers while hunted by evil gods.”



TITANS BLOOD is the first of four feature films set between now and the year 2138 where gods, from various ancient mythologies, appear on earth, using “human shells”, are positioning themselves to retake the universe from its current usurpers, the Elusinians. Sophie, who has recently been created by the god Cronus, with the use of the Voynich Manuscript, is searching the world trying to understand her purpose without realising the awesome and terrible power that runs through her veins. Mara, the evil god from Buddhist mythology, wants to use Sophie for her own purposes to take back hell from her son Satanous and launch an all out assault on the universe.

Meanwhile humans like Detective Gray are trying to make sense of the unusual deaths caused by the black Titan blood which seems to infect their hosts hollowing them out leaving human shells.

As Sophie carries on with her exploration of humanity she leaves a trail of death and heartbreak as she encounters humans and gods and falls in love with a young woman named Charlotte.
When Sophie has what she needs from the experience she moves on to the next target, a lonely old Japanese book store owner “Henry” who lost his wife and is estranged from his daughter.
Sophie begins to fill that gap for Henry as he discovers the dark truth of the Voynich Manuscript.

Cronus eventually takes on a fresh new female human shell in an attempt to stop Mara from achieving her objectives of ruling the universe and an epic battle ensues. Mara wins and destroys Cronus for good but is delayed enough for Sophie
to make her escape through a portal, only to be captured by Mara’s son; Satanous.